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Eric Mun and Kim Dongwan, Simultaneous Landings

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Members of idol group Shinhwa Eric and Kim Dongwan are taking Japan by storm at the same time. Both are holding fan meetings in Tokyo on December 18.

After spending a long time in hiatus due to mandatory military service, both Shinhwa members will resume activities by holding fan meetings simultaneously on December 18th in Tokyo, Japan. They debuted 13 years ago and Shinhwa's flame is still alive. Now it's time to celebrate their comeback with fans and also have a fair competition among them.

Eric hold fan meetings on December 18th at the Yopoto Hall in Tokyo and on December 19th Yuri Aruka Hall in Osaka to show his appreciation to his fans. He is currently filming for the most anticipated drama for 2011 Poseidon. He will also be debuting as a producer with his new girl group which will also showcase as a surprise on his fan meetings. After his fan meetings in Japan he is planning to visit other Asian countries.

The same day in Tokyo at the Shinagawa Intercity hall fans will also meet Kim Dongwan. He will also hold fan meetings on December 23 in Isaka and December 26 in Fukuoka. On December 15, 8 days his military release, he will release his first Japanese solo album titled "Kim Dongwan Japan Premium Best in Japan" followed by a live performance at the Ikeburo Fountain Square.

Meanwhile in his recent fanmeeting in Korea in Dongwan stated "in 2012 all members will be together as one. Soon all 6 members will be singing and dancing on stage together again. Shinhwa is anxious to resume activities again. The end of 2011 Jun Jin and Andy will be released from military service followed by Lee Minwoo the beginning of 2012".

Credit: Rubylovefaith@shinhwa.biz

Their companies are so cruel making them on the same day. Hopefully they're not at the same time. XD

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