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Korea’s three major year-end music awards ceremonies – the Mnet Asian Music Awards“, the “Golden Disk Awards“, and the “Melon Music Awards - have all concluded for the 2010 year, with some interesting results.

Despite some hiccups and controversies in the form of attendance (or the lack thereof), some industry representatives feel that SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment ended up earning a fair amount of awards each.

YGE’s 2NE1 dominated with the high quality of their album, while SME’s SNSD showed off their power as an icon of girl groups. JYP met with the most success through their newly-debuted rookie group, miss A.

At the “2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards” held this past November, 2NE1 won the ‘Album of the Year Award,’ ‘Female Group Award,’ ‘Best Digital Single Award,’ and the ‘Musical Award’, for a total of 4 distinctive honors.

miss A took home the ‘Song of the Year Award,’ ‘Female Rookie Award,’ and ‘Best Female Dance Performance’, for a total of three. Labelmates 2PM won three as well with the ‘Best Male Dance Performance Award,’ ‘Male Group Award,’ and ‘Shilla Asian Wave Award.’

At the “23rd Golden Disk Awards,” SNSD was awarded a triple crown with ‘Disk Daesang,’ ‘Disk Bonsang,’ and ‘Popular Award.’ 2AM took home two trophies with the ‘Digital Music Daesang’ and ‘Digital Music Bonsang,’ while labelmates miss A won the ‘Digital Music Bonsang.’

The “2010 Melon Music Awards” was attended by all three of the major companies, unlike the “MAMA” and the “Golden Disk,” where either YGE artists or SME artists were noticeably absent for the events.

At the “Melon Music Awards,” SNSD won the ‘Artist Award,’ ‘Melon Music Award Top 10,’ and the ‘Hot Trend Award’, while 2NE1 won the ‘Album Award’ and the ‘Melon Music Award Top 10.’ 2AM, as expected, won the ‘T Best Song Award,’ and the ‘Melon Music Top 10 Award’ while labelmates 2PM won the ‘Melon Music Awards Top 10.’

In total, 2NE1 won six, SNSD won six, miss A won five, and 2AM and 2PM won four each.

Within a year of their debut, 2NE1 managed to rise on to the top in the Korean girl group echelon, while SNSD opened new prospects for girl groups with their consistent power and drive. The public recognition of 2AM also grew considerably over the year.

i don't know, but imo, i think awards should be based on quality instead of quantity.

cr. akp/ OSEN via Nate

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