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4minute HyunAh keeps snitching on SoHyun

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4Minute is a permanent guest on the MBC variety "Bouquet." Before the show, the girls hadn't had much of a presence individually as much as they had a group, but the show has given each girl an individual personality for fans, such as leader Jihyun's character "Nam-vatar," for her ability to do anything.

As the girls got more and more comfortable on the show, they started to talk more and more often. This has resulted in Hyuna saying a lot of things about the group's maknae Sohyun. She had revealed last week that Sohyun liked bad boys.

In the show, Sohyun had to choose between two members from U-Kiss and ZE:A that had made a move for her. Hyuna struck again and said that Sohyun had real interest in one of the boys from the two groups. In response, Sohyun turned bright red and accused Hyuna of the same thing, but Hyuna brushed it off coolly, causing everyone in the studio to focus on Sohyun.

Nothing has been confirmed if Sohyun really has an interest in any of the idols, but everyone is waiting to see which of Sohyun's secrets Hyuna will reveal next time.

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