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Boyband HIT-5 Releases “Running’ Teaser; Miraculously Escapes KBS’s Cpop Cutting Spree Alive

HIT-5 has hit the ground Running with their newest EP, with a steady of press releases, fan meet and even an appearance at the Korea-China Friendship Concert in Seoul all before having released their single. Unfortunately for them was that the friendly exchange concept of the concert was lost on Korean broadcaster, KBS, and much of their performance was cut. The good news was that they were one of the few who were aired out of the many Cpop acts, despite being one of the least famous. Fellow boyband Top Combine, got cut out completely. This led fans of both groups to lament with each other and vent their frustrations at KBS, questioning their motives. Not only were the idol acts cut out, but even famous veterans like Han Hong, Li Jian, Wang Feng and Yang Kun were not shown.

However, HIT-5 has the New Artists Feng Yun Bang awards to look forward to where they are nominated for best new group (since they only first released an album this summer).

Source: cfensi
KBS I think that's really lame
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