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Taec and Eunjung Wear Couple Uniforms for Dream High

Many have been wondering about what the students of “Gidan Prep School” would be wearing in the upcoming KBS drama ‘Dream High‘. Teaser photos of the main cast donning the uniforms have recently been unveiled, and they’re looking quite sharp!

Suzy, Ok Taecyeon, Kim Soo Hyun, Ham Eun Jung, IU and Jang Wooyoung are laughing brightly in their matching school uniforms. The pairings of Suzy & Kim Soo Hyun, Ok Taecyeon & Ham Eun Jung and IU & Jang Wooyoung have many predicting the possible love-lines in the story.

Their eye-catching ‘uniform fashion’ is also becoming a hot topic. Despite the simple uniform style, they used stripes as their focal point, while the girls’ skirts come up quite short. “Like students at an arts academy, we wanted to express their personalities and liberal mindset, as well as capturing the essence of each individual character through their uniform,” stated a representative.

The first episode of ‘Dream High’ is set to broadcast this coming January 3rd.

source: allkpop and Nate

I'd like to dedicate this partial-T-Ara post to lopezfitzgerald. You will be missed dearly.
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