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Sector 7 sells abroad, releases teaser poster

Let’s take a first look at the 3D blockbuster Sector 7, the action/sci-fi movie starring Ha Ji-won (currently showing some of her stunt chops in Secret Garden), movie veteran Ahn Sung-ki (May 18), and Oh Ji-ho (Chuno). The movie takes place out on an oil rig, and unfolds as the characters encounter a strange monster, Host-style.

The film boasts high-quality CG and 3D effects, and underwent a two-year pre-production period during which the monster was designed. At the American Film Market last month, Sector 7 sold to four overseas entities in advance of its release in Korea; those are TF1 in France, M Pictures in Thailand, and Scorpio East in Singapore and Malaysia.

The idea of a monster-at-sea movie isn’t terribly novel, but with the people involved, I can see the crossover potential for Sector 7. Director Kim Ji-hoon put out May 18 about the Gwangju massacre, and producer Yoon Je-kyun worked on blockbuster disaster flick and box-office smash Haeundae (also starring Ha Ji-won), as well as the well-received romantic comedy My Gangster Boyfriend (with Jung Yumi and Park Joong-hoon) and warm drama Harmony (with Kim Yun-jin).

The film wrapped filming on September 29 and is currently in post-production, aiming for a summer 2011 premiere.

Source: mydaily
Via: dramabeans
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