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The Most Promising Singers in the eys of JYJ

Now we all know JYJ is internationally known for their indescribable singing talents, but when asked who they thought would also become successful, who did they pick?

Though separated from the original DBSK, JYJ has been victorious with their promotions, including their recent single, “Ayy Girl“. In a recent interview, Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu of JYJ  were asked to pick an idol group or soloist who they thought were considered the “most promising singers” as of now. To much surprise, Junsu stated girl group 4Minute. Jaejoong went along with boy group SuperNova, while YuChun chose the band MATE.

All of these groups, including JYJ are indeed promising, as well as many other entertainers in the K-Pop industry. Let’s hope all of them reach success!

Source: Naver Blog
Translation: ashleylovesasia @
Written By: JJ @

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