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flawless kim tae hee in royal finery

In these stills for MBC’s My Princess, the costuming of series star Kim Tae-hee is really just a sly wink at the audience, because this has nothing to do with her rags-to-riches Cinderella turn after her character, Lee Seol, is discovered to be a real princess.

Instead, the scene depicts Seol in a princess costume as a part-time gig, before she makes the discovery of her true identity as lost royalty. Seol’s a penny-pincher who’ll do just about anything (legal, one assumes) to earn some spare cash, which is how she ends up wearing all this traditional royal finery. It’s here that she happens to meet a Western princess, and they end up taking a photo together.

What I really want to find out, and what remains to be seen, is what kind of setting leads to this whole commoner-to-princess storyline. Will the drama employ a fantasy twist that revives the old monarchy? Will it create an alternate reality where the monarchy never ended, a la Goong? Or will it do something else altogether? I’m itching to know.

Source: e daily
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