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Senator Ahn Sang Soo attacks T-ara

After wrapping up their ‘air stewardess’ challenge for their show, ‘T-ara Dream Girls‘, the members was preparing to tackle their ‘National Assembly’ challenge for the following week. Yet since the episode was cancelled this week, many netizens have been making controversial speculations as to why this week's episode was cancelled.

Mnet announced that the cancellation of this week’s episode had no relation to the recent comment made by Senator Ahn Sang Soo of the National Grand Party.

The cancellation of the Decemeber 22nd episode was due to the last-minute decision of creating a challenge with the National Assembly. We had such a tight editing process that we decided to air it next week,” explained an Mnet representative on December 23rd.

They continued, “The situation has no political grounds. We are baffled by people saying the episode was cancelled because of Senator Ahn Sang Soo’s comments.”

Recently, Senator Ahn Sang Soo made a visit to a facility for children with severe disabilities, called ‘Young Nak Aenea’s Home‘. On this day, the senator said, “The group’s name is T-ara? Is T-ara famous? I can’t tell their faces apart. Does everyone these days get plastic surgery for the whole body? These days it’s not plastic surgery just for the face, but they do it everywhere.”

Responding to this, Mnet emphasized, “Regarding his “whole body plastic surgery” statement, he didn’t say it to point out the T-ara members specifically.

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