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Wheesung releases “Winter Night” album

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Just hours ago, talented vocalist Wheesung released his winter compilation album, “Winter Night”. The album was in the news recently because Wheesung received permission to remake Michael Jackson’s hit song, “You Are Not Alone”.

On the morning of the 21st, Wheesung tweeted, “I dared myself to sing Michael Jackson’s song. I’ve always wanted to sing a song of his in my own style, but as his voice still lingers with me, mine ended up just being an imitation. However, I am still thankful for such an honorable opportunity. It’s an opportunity given to me by the heavens, and I will be satisfied and proud just the same.

‘I am glad the wish I made on the day you returned to where you were from has finally come true.

Wheesung also recruited the talented vocalist Cloud to participate in the album.

source: allkpop, FalconChern2nd @ youtube, t00channelPart2 @ youtube
Tags: whee-sung

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