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Merry BIG BANGin' Christmas Post!

BB 2011 Voice Calendar App on iTunes

Just the Korean version for now though. DOWNLOAD HERE. Some pics:

Sources: iTunes KR, Chosun Apps, BIGBANGUPDATES

Seungri's done working with his mini and has a chow chow

He left a message on BIGBANG's fan cafe: 

Hi~ This is Chow Chow
Seungri hyung says Merry Christmas
He'll be back on January 3
Rudolph will be giving out gifts now
VIP, Merry Christmas! ♡

And then, he posed with Chow Chow and friends after finishing working on his MINI ALBUM:

Sources: WillKoh, BB Daum Cafe via VIPZ, BIGBANGUPDATES 1 + 2

Daesung confesses that he's afraid of appearing on variety shows

In a recent interview, he said, "I am afraid of appearing on variety shows because even though I appear very cheerful and lively on TV, what I show on TV does not directly reflect my real personality."

Daesung, who is now shooting for the drama, What's Up, says, "Before I appear on variety shows, I prepare all night long the day before. I always appear very cheery on TV because when I film 50 minutes, I only actually go on air for about 5 minutes."

He also added, "It was quite hard to act freely like best friends with people I have never worked with or who are a lot older than me."

Although on TV Daesung is always laughing and cheerful, off the record he is a young man who is shy and works hard.

Sources: Hankooki + Translated by Beau @ bbvipz + BIGBANGUPDATES

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