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2AM Changmin works out with Seulong and 2PM Chansung

2AM member Changmin has posted a picture of himself at the gym with fellow groupmate Seulong and 2PM member Chansung on his official Twitter site (

On Thursday, Changmin uploaded a picture of himself, Seulong and Chansung at the gym with a comment underneath saying, "We are the black tank-tops and black track pants brothers. We all came separately but we're all wearing the same clothes. (laugh) Seulong is busy working out >_<."

Fans who have seen the photo responded, "wow...seems u guys are having fun...^~^," "oppa!!! you guys are looking hot" and "Wow, impressive!"

Changmin and Seulong made their debut in the four-member ballad group 2AM in 2008. They released their first full-length album "Saint o'clock" this year and are busy preparing for their first-ever concert for three days starting tonight.

Chansung is the youngest member of six-member group 2PM. They are known as one of the most popular boy bands in the K-pop music scene and have made their official debut into the Japanese music market with their DVD and showcase in early December.


They should totally make their own work-out videos.

Sources: asiae & dkpop
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