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this is a princess suzy megapost!

With KBS 2TV’s “Dream High” gearing up for its first broadcast next month, many have been curious over the love lines connecting Suzy, Kim Soo Hyun, Taecyeon, and Eunjung.

More still cuts recently revealed by the producers have gave viewers a glimpse of the possible couples, leaving viewers free to come up with guesses on who would be paired up with whom.

In one still cut, Suzy, Taecyeon, and Kim Soo Hyun sit side by side, giving the vibe of a love triangle between the three. In another, Eunjung, Taecyeon, and Kim Soo Hyun are seen smiling brightly.

Since Eunjung is Suzy’s rival for the position of “Girin Arts High School Queen”, the addition of Eunjung into the love triangle adds interest to the overall plot.

Viewers can also see another couple, this time comprised of IU and Wooyoung. Nicknamed the ‘Milky Couple,’ the two have been earning a hot response online, and already hold a strong fanbase.

The drama will air its pilot episode on January 3rd, 2011.

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Singer and producer Park Jin Young revealed his thoughts on making his first acting debut through “Dream High” while on KBS 2TV’s “Win Win.”

Regarding his first script reading, he revealed, “At first, it was okay, but my mind blanked out when it got to my turn. And then I ran to the bathroom and found out that my whole body was drenched in sweat. The director later told me that I was shaking during the reader. It was embarrassing for me to look at Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy and JOO, since the kids I scolded were watching me.”

When asked whether ‘acting senior’ Taecyeon gave him any tips prior to the script reading session, he answered, “He told me to act comfortable like usual.”

Continuing on the focus of “Dream High,” MC Kim Seung Woo asked the producer to reveal any hidden stories behind the ongoing drama filming.

Park Jin Young started, “I just wanted to produce a drama, I had no plans of acting in it. I drafted a project proposal and got it checked over by the CEO. He liked it, so I submitted it to some producers.”

Afterward, he received a love call from Bae Yong Joon, allowing him to take one step closer to realizing his drama production dream.

“I was satisfied just co-producing as the director of music and choreography, but representatives of KBS suggested I play the role of a teacher. I contemplated it, and a lot of people encouraged me, saying that I just needed to deliver as much as I did for the ‘Nobody‘ music video. I went back to look at the video and thought that I didn’t do too bad (if I do say so myself).”

Regarding his friendship with Bae Yong Joon, he revealed, “I first met him with one of the writers. The writer asked if we had any specific plots we wanted and Yong Joon replied that he didn’t. I got so excited, I started blabbing on and on for an hour. I later asked Yong Joon why he didn’t say anything and he said, ‘I wanted to see what the writer had to say first.’ His reply was so mature, I was really embarrassed of myself.”

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“Dream High” castmates, 2PM’s Taecyeon and miss A’s Suzy, revealed a picture of themselves enjoying a meal together during their stay in Japan.

The cast left for Nagoya on December 18th in order to film scenes for the drama, and will return to Korea on the 22nd.

On December 20th, Taecyeon tweeted, “Jin Guk and Hyemi eating dinner!!! We are being gluttons in Japan~”

Taecyeon showed support for Suzy by further adding, “Suzy, you must be tired, eat a lot~”

A picture of unreadable letters scribbled on a piece of paper was uploaded as well, along with the tweet, “This is the language of Suzy world~ Try to guess what I wrote!!!”

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Miss A’s Suzy revealed through “Happy Together Season 3” that she was forced to stop her acting practices for “Dream High” because of fellow member, Fei.

Suzy stated,”Usually the Miss A unnies would play the opposing roles every now and then. It helps a lot to read the drama script together and practice my acting.”

Suzy shared how Fei once helped her out by taking on the role of actress Kim Soo Hyun’s character. However, after looking at the script for awhile, the confusion on Fei’s face grew more and more apparent as she tried to decipher what it read.

Fei, who is particularly fluent in Korean, was confused with the country dialect she encountered, and questioned every word that had an accent. Suzy then explained how she gave up practicing because she was practically rolling on the floor laughing.

On the same episode, Suzy also reiterated that her ideal type was her co-star Kim Soo Hyun instead of her label mate, Taecyeon in real life.

This episode will be aired in full on December 23rd!

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The latest episode of ‘Happy Together‘ featured the cast of “Dream High“, for which Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Yoon Ji, Lee Byung Joon, and miss A’s Suzy made their appearances.

Suzy caused some buzz earlier this month when she was asked to choose between Kim Soo Hyun or 2PM’s Taecyeon for the closest candidate to her ideal man. The hosts for “Happy Together” brought up the question again, and Suzy shyly revealed, “Between Taecyeon and Soo Hyun, I like Soo Hyun more… Soo Hyun is cuter. I like cute guys.‘

Suzy also told a hilarious story regarding her preparations for the role. “In ‘Dream High’, my character is a confident student who majors in singing. However, I have never studied singing, so most of the time I lipsync. The miss A unnies help me a lot by running through the script with me. However, the Chinese unnies have a Chinese accent, so I struggle a little.”

As a novice actress, what is the most difficult part about acting for her? To Suzy, it’s to use aegyo. She said, “I naturally don’t aegyo. When I have to chase after Kim Soo Hyun on screen, I’ve gotten a lot of NGs. Why can’t I just say, ‘I like you’?”

ngl i thin k she has a crush on him irl

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this video has the little preview

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i organized the tweets, so read from top to bottom:

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