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Girl Story gets anti fan cafe before their debut

"Girl story" belongs to Ants star company with Lee Gyu Nak as the producer. They are planning on their debut on the 26th 6pm KST through Y-STAR channel.

However on the 25th on a portal site, lots of anti fan cafes emerged. One of which, already has 18,000 members and increasing.

The main criticism is that the members are way too young. They are all primary school aged kids.

Members are "Yoon Jung, Hye In, Yuri, Chae Young" and their oldest member is 12 years old (Korean age, meaning ~10 or 11 years old)

Even if their ages are young, they are already quite successful. Yoon Jung has been in few Korean dramas, Hye In has been in a few too, Yuri also in the same vote and Chae Young having won a grand dance competition.

According to the company they will control their schedule time appropriately. Their debut song "pinky pinky" is going to be released on the 28th.

Source: Nate, dkpopnews
Tags: debut, internet, netizens

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