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Heechul & Ryeowook's Twitter Updates + Zhou Mi's Weibo Updates (with lady heehee's appearance)

Heechul's Twitter Updates:

Words like these were originally written in English.
Words like these were originally written in Japanese.


► 사진 안올라가네ㅡㅡ 뭔 푸딩을 먹으래는거야ㅡㅡ
The photo is not getting uploadedㅡㅡ Why do I want to eat puddingㅡㅡ

► 다들 내 얼굴 보면서 잠드세요^-^ 잘자라 겨울바람에 찬란히 휘날리는 꽃잎들이여
Everyone(,) after seeing my photo then please go to sleep^-^ Sleep well dear Petals who flutter brilliantly in the winter wind


►Tweets like these are by Heechul
└ Tweets like these are by Jiyoung

@kkangjii 우와 강지영이다
@kkangjii Woah it's Kang Jiyoung

└From @kkangjii: @Heedictator 우왕우왕김희철오빠다!!!!!!!!!!!
From @kkangjii: @Heedictator Euangeuang* it's Kim Heechul oppa!!!!!!!!!!!
* Cute way of saying woah


► 이.. 이런일은 일어나지 않길.. RT @Sunnypae @Heedictator oppa WATCH THIS!! heechul just want u to see!
This.. I don't want things like these to happen.. RT @Sunnypae @Heedictator oppa WATCH THIS!! heechul just want u to see!


라디오스타 보는데 으아아아아 머리 기르고 싶어!! 너려댜ㅓ채너노아채머댜챠대ㅔ네맹라ㅑㄷ
I've watched Radio Star euaaaa I want my hair to be long!! 너려댜ㅓ채너노아채머댜챠대ㅔ네맹라ㅑㄷ
Words like these have no specific meaning; it's just a bunch of randomly typed words.


初めまして かん〜☆RT @kkangjii ははひひふふへへへ.....(笑)
Nice to meet you~☆ RT @kkangjii Hahahihihehehuhuhu.....(laugh)

かわいい〜 ねこ ねこ 猫?
Cute~ Kitty kitty cat?

ぼくは 金ーヒーチョルです。 Ok? 日本語 むつかしい~♡^-^
I am Kim Heechul. Ok? Japanese is difficult~♡^-^
Japanese to Chinese translation by YinYueTai (音悦台SUJU饭团)

아 크리스마스네.. 울지 않았으니 산타가 선물 주겠지 뭐ㅡㅡ
Ah Christmas.. If you don't cry (,) Santa will give you a present whatㅡㅡ


中國 Go Go~
China Go Go~


► 아 한국~ 중국 광저우 콘서트 혹시나 했는데 역시나 개쩔었음ㅋㅋ비오고 바람불고 추웠지만 환상적인 모습 보여준 팬들과 맘보들.. 나에게 사랑의 키스를 베이베~♡
Ah Korea~ Was hoping that perhaps the weather wouldn't be too bad at the Guangzhou China concert but as expected it was bad ㅋㅋ Even though it rained(,) the wind blew and it was cold(,) but still saw a fantastic performance from the fans and the members.. (Give) a love's kiss to me baby~♡

► 쪼코볼 나온 백점만점 방송 했나?
Has the (episode of) "100 Points Out of 100" where Chocoball came been aired?

► 역시 바이두 베베
As expected of Baidu baby

Ryeowook's Twitter Updates:

► 한국 컴백했음돠~~~^^ 크리스마스가 지났구나 >∇< 이 새벽에 뱅기타고 왔으 굿모닝~~~
Have come back to Korea~~~^^ Christmas has passed >∇< Boarded the plane at dawn(,) good morning~~~

Zhou Mi's Weibo Updates:


* Words like these were originally written in English.

两分钟前有心的经济人哥哥打扮成圣诞老人来房间隔突袭,哈哈太可爱了!!热腾腾的圣诞老人照片,圣诞快乐: )
Two minutes ago a thoughtful manager hyung suddenly raided the room dressed up as Santa Claus, haha too cute!! A hot-off-the-stove photo of Santa Claus, Merry Christmas :)
01:52 KST

新型的“看的见的眼罩”,下次有机会要用上 ........ 在这个快乐的圣诞节有人和我一样还没睡吗?
The new kind of "seeable eye mask"*, next time I have to use it if I have the chance ........ On this joyous Christmas Day are there people who have not gone to bed just like me?
* Eye masks which you can see through it.
03:07 KST

圣诞快乐啊~哈哈~ 韩国冷坏了,不过广州现在天气很好啊,等我去台湾的时候天气就应该变暖了 (咱俩怎么这么像天气预报 ...)
Merry Christmas~ Haha~ It's really cold in Korea, but the weather is great in Guangzhou at the moment, when I head to Taiwan the weather should be turning warmer (Why do the both of us sound like weathercasters...)

In Reply To
@汪佩蓉:對@周觅_sjm 說:聖誕快樂,MERRY XMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 台灣現在又濕又冷呢
@Wang Pei Rong: Says to @Zhou Mi: Merry Christmas, MERRY XMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Taiwan is damp and cold right now
14:32 KST

一会就要和你们见面了 ~外面下小雨,大家不要着凉了!衣服上的“我”就要和大家见面了!
Will be meeting you all in a while ~ It's drizzling outside, everyone please don't catch a cold! The "me" on the shirt will see everyone soon*!
* Meaning he'll appear on stage in his Miss Chic performance persona.
15:03 KST

The concert is in progression, fans in Guangzhou become high!!
20:15 KST

The concert is over, right now we're already at the airport waiting for our flight. It suddenly rained in Guangzhou today, it's been hard for all of you who came to watch the concert, I'm really happy that I was able to greet everyone using Cantonese, but everytime I feel that the time that we're able to meet is too short. Friends in Guangzhou let's meet again next time^_^
00:32 KST


韩国时间6点14分,放下行李躺在床上...昨晚演唱会后台"Gentlemanmimi"和"Lady heehee”终于碰头了!
6:14 in Korea, put down my baggage and lay on my bed... "Gentleman Mimi" and "Lady Heehee" finally met at the backstage of the concert yesterday night!
12/26 05:21 GMT

Heechul's Twitter Updates [101221 - 101224]:
Source: @heedictator
Translated by eternalsnow & ● τaecifeя @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Please take out with full and proper credits.

Heechul's Twitter Updates [101226] & Ryeowook's Twitter Updates:
Source: @Heedictator, @ryeong9
Translated by eternalsnow @ [HC, RW]

Zhou Mi's Weibo Updates:
Source: Zhou Mi's Weibo
Shared by IINA @
Translated by eternalsnow @
Please take out with full and proper credits, and please do not hotlink images.

Source: Zhou Mi's Weibo
Translated by ✰陽光smiley~ @
Shared by IINA @
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