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GD&TOP x Monster headphones a fake?

Hardcore fans and fashionistas alike have dented their wallets in order to purchase the GD&TOP edition’ of “Beats by Dre headphones. According to online shopping site, CJMall.com, these special headphones were priced at a whopping 649,900 ₩ (approximately $566.90 USD).

Many were prepared to pay extravagantly for the product: the headphones were already synonymous with luxury, and to top it all off, it bore the insignia of Korea’s hottest avant-garde duo.

Unfortunately, the ‘GD&TOP’ edition of “Beats” may not be the real thing.

We were recently contacted by a representative from Monster Cable (the manufacturer of “Beats”), notifying us that GD&TOP’s headphones are “not authorized products in the Dr. Dre line.” Our contact further clarifies, “It is unclear at this time if they are authentic Beats headphones that have been customized with GD&TOP artwork, or if they are counterfeit products making unauthorized use of Beats logos and design.

The staff on the “Beats By Dre” official Twitter account have further asserted that GD&TOP’s headphones “are NOT an authorized product and does not come with our warranty or support.”

So be warned, GD&TOP fans. Always purchase your products from the official site or from approved retailers – if you don’t see it on the main site, it’s not legit!

Source: AKP

Not fake, just customized. Read here and here, thanks to crazyxcami and bitter_sweet05

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