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Secret to drop single album on 1/6, teaser video to come 12/31

 It’s been just revealed through a quick update from Secret that the girls will be releasing a single album on January 6!

An update from the girls shows that they are currently busy with working on their upcoming music video, which is sure to cause quite a bit of excitement among fans. In addition, they will be releasing a teaser video quite soon to hype listeners up.

The message is as follows:

‘Secret are getting ready’!!!!!!!!!!!! Secret are making their music video right now+_+ January, 2011! The 6th! Everyone can find the new single album,,,,, Please show a lot of interest in the teaser video to be released on the 31st!! +_+

We at Kpoplive will make sure to let you know as soon as the teaser video and album drop!

Source: kpoplive + aachan
Tags: comebacks, secret

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