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Eunjung ordered to stop all activities due to knee injury

T-ara’s Eunjung injured her knee on December 25th while moving to her next schedule after a music show appearance. Eunjung had unfortunately slipped on ice, and was rushed to a hospital nearby.

After receiving treatment, she attempted to head back to her next schedule, but experienced further pain. She was forced to get an MRI scan done at another hospital, which showed that she had damaged a ligament in her knee, and that four weeks would be needed for a complete recovery.

Representatives of the hospital revealed, “Eunjung needs to be in a cast for two weeks, followed by a support cast for the remaining two weeks.”

Core Contents Media further revealed, “Due to her injury, Eunjung will not be able to appear on the year-end performances for MBC, SBS, and KBS.” Eunjung commented, “I’ll get better soon and greet my fans with a better image.”

Meanwhile, Eunjung will still be attending the “Dream High” press conference, for which she has a lead role, scheduled later today on December 27th, in a cast.

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