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T-ara can’t go on dates, despite management’s permission

On the December 28th episode of MBC’s “Happy Day“, T-ara members revealed that since they’re steadily approaching their mid-twenties, they want to start dating.

The members revealed, “Our management permits our dating. We’ve even been asked to date!” However they complained, “We don’t have enough time to date.”

T-ara’s promotions for their new song ‘Yayaya‘ is making the group so busy, that members get 2-3 hours of sleep at best. And now, they are swamped with rehearsals for year-end awards shows.

The members also confessed, “During promotions, we’re always close with our senior and junior singers. But we don’t have time to meet separately. We can only watch each other’s television appearances and exchange messages.”

Tags: t-ara, tv shows

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