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OMNTD Featured Artist: MATE


Brief Bio:

Mate is a three piece indie rock band from Seoul, South Korea - Im Hun Eel (이헌일, on guitar), Jung Joon Eel (정준일, on keyboard) and Lee Hyun Jae (이현재, drums). They’ve already won several awards and write and produce all of their music.

The group started out when they were invited to do guest performance for The Swell Season when they did their concert performance last January. They later became more active performing for JiSan Rock Festival, Grand Mint Festival etc. Their album released went up to #1 on rock album sales chart,  and they were also awarded newcomer award for the 16th Korean Music Arts Awards.
Vocalist Jung JoonIl have guested on various radio shows like MBC FM4U ‘TaeYeon’s ChinChin’, ‘Park KyungRim’s Starry Night’ etc, while guitarist Im HunIl is also performing solo in clubs in HongDae.

Drummer Lee HyunJae has also received ‘lovecall’s for CF appearance for brands like Cold Stone, Nikon, Etude House etc.


Im Heon Il 임헌일
Vocals and Guitar
Born: November 13, 1983
Debut: Jeong Won Young band
Favorite musicians: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Buckley, John Mayer
Education:The Practical Music and the Arts
Awards:2004 statue of the 15th yujaeha Music Contest
Pre-Mate: Sessions for Lee Sora, Kim Dong Ryul, Lee Juck, Im Jae Bum, Jung Jae Il and others,
Jeong Won Young band, band Bremen

Jung Joon Il 정준일
Vocal and Keyboard
Born: August 16, 1983
Awards:2005 16th Silver yujaeha Music Contest
Pre-Mate:Session, DoReMiPaSolLaShiDo OST (vocal)

Lee Hyun Jae 이현재
Drums (Also a model)
Born: April 12, 1988
Cyworld: www.cyworld.com/hjdrum
Pre-Mate: Model, Speed Scandal OST (drums)


Album : vol.1 Be Mate
Date : 27 April 2009

Tracklist :
01. 고백 (Confession)
02. 그리워
03. Come Back To Me
04. Its Alright
05. 하늘을 날아
06. 너에게.. 기대
07. 우울한 너에게
08. 왜 (Why)
09. 난 너를 사랑해
10. 안녕 (Hello)

Album : vol.2 With Mate
Date : 20 January 2010

01. It's all about love
02. Better
03. 이제 다시
04. Go
05. Dear my mate
06. 긴 시간의 끝
07. 이제 다시 (again)

What to expect from them?:

They've recently finish filming a movie called Play. The movie is currently in post production and is scheduled to be released sometime next year.  You can also catch the band with another great indie artist Fanny Fink this January at the Save the Air Green Concert on January 23, 2011

Personal Favorites

Sources: kbites, Mate Soompi Thread
Video: Aimeneko, MsMateTv, isavee

So Omona, what do you think? I've been meaning to post this for a while now.
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