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Shin Hyesung, Lee Kichang, and Rainbow To Participate In An OST For A Documentary

Singers, Shin Hye Sung, Lee Ki Chang and girl group Rainbow will be participating in a documentary from Hallyu Star Bae Yong Jun.

Musicians such as Shin Hye Sung, Lee Ki Chang, Rainbow and Harim, will be in charge of the OST for the Bae Yong Jun's documentary book "The Journey in search of Beauty of Korea".

To express the beauty of Korea he will have a massive participation of very talented musicians from fusion to classical along with all in the OST album.

This album will have the participation of "SungKyunKwan Scandarl" OST who's recognized for his sense of music , composer Park Seong Il and Dae Jeo sang, 2 time consecutive winner for best original movie music director and also co-participation with Korean Orchestra of traditional music .

Girl Group Rainbow stated " It is an honor to participate for Senior Bae Yong Jun's documentary OST "The JOurney in search of beauty of Korea" and Korea's Top artists.

In addition, the production consists of 8 episodes of Bae Yong Jung's travel documentaries titled "The Journey in search of beauty of Korea". The documentary is planned to be broad casted all over China, South East Asia with the co-production in Japan and South Korea with Key Fores, MBC Media Plus and AKASTAR.

Source: rubylovefaith@Shinhwa.biz

More Hyesung music. I am excite. XD
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