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BoA's long awaited cameo in Athena finally airs next week

We reported back in September that Asia’s pop princess, BoA, would be making a special guest appearance on an episode of “Athena: Goddess of War“. After the reveal of some stillcuts, fans of both the series and the star became highly anticipative of this collision of worlds.

Well the wait is almost over, as a preview of BoA’s cameo on “Athena” has finally been unveiled!

On December 29th, BoA tweeted, “Next week, on Athena’s 7th and 8th episode, BoA will be starring as ‘BoA’. To act out as ‘BoA’ was a bit awkward. It seems like it was only yesterday that I wondered when the episode would be broadcasted after I finished shooting the scenes. Now it’s only a week away! It is, after all, a guest appearance so even if I’m lacking, please enjoy watching it.

To recap, BoA plays the role of a pop icon who is targeted by terrorists to be a hostage. Actor Jung Woo Sung will play as her bodyguard.

It looks like SBS has pulled out all the stops for ”Athena”, as the drama boasts an impressive list of cameos from other A-list stars, including Choo Seung Hoon and Kim Seung Woo.

source: nate + akp | jpbsone19 @ yt | BoA's twitter

some of her scenes were filmed during smtown live in seoul back in august, especially during the concert ending, so we may be seeing a few others there as well. :)
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