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SBS wasn't just fail onstage. Horrible backstage conditions.

The 2010 SBS Gayo Daejun has ended hours ago. However, even as the stage left an overall positive impression on the viewers, there were many problems with the show.

The SBS Gayo Daejun is staged at the Kintex every year, but every year there are many problems. The temperature was below freezing, but the celebrities did not have a fully functioning heating system since 8 AM and had to deal with the cold.

The backstage waiting rooms were made with tents and it was too small for a large number of celebrities to use at the same time. Many celebrities resorted to renting hotel rooms in the vicinity to do their hair and make up. Not only so, but electricity went out in three of the tents, forcing the celebrities to wait outside.

One of the celebrities' representatives complained, "This happens every year. There's nothing that gets better as time passes. And it's freezing today, so everyone's suffering."

Not only so, but the show had many sound errors where viewers could not hear the celebrities, the mics were malfunctioning, and at one point there were backstage noises on stage because the mics were not turned off properly.

As the SBS Gayo Daejun is one of the biggest stages of the year, many viewers thought that these mistakes should not happen.

Source: Star News
Translated: Koreaboo (support an akp competitor, bitches)

worst production of a major annual music show ever y/y?
Tags: epic fail, fail, wtf

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