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Super Junior Siwon and BoA say "Don't call us slaves" and express their strong dissatisfaction

SM Entertainment has been taking heat regarding slave contracts. Super Junior Hangeng and DBSK members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu have even gone as far as suing the company because they claimed to be under such a contract. A judge has recently judged in favor of Hangeng. SM Entertainment has even gone to fix all "slave contracts" to avoid the "slave contract label".

Asia's star, BoA, and Super Junior Siwon have both tweeted about accusations of being in a slave contract. Koreaboo reported a few days ago that Siwon was asked whether he was in a slave contract under SM Entertainment.

After reading said reports, Siwon said, "Again yesterday, the word slave-contract climbed to the surface .. We ran hard towards the same dream with faith and trust. I want to continue to leap forward and I hope that this feeling of restriction & the thought of a slave-contract doesn't surface again :)"

tweets under the cutCollapse )

source: daum + koreaboo | @siwon407 + @BoA_1105

also to add, two twitter accounts (1 & 2) have been attacking them both since this morning, although it's stopped since then.
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