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John Park Plus Some Others Are Recruited

I don't want to translate the whole article... (AKP will do that)
I'll just translate what matters.

  • John Park (everyone wanted him) has signed on with Yong Sama's agency Key East. (OP: I think this is a mistake x:)
  • John Park with all his skills (good looking, sings, speaks English, is tall) they expect him to a "multi-tainer" which probably means sings & acts. They plan on making him the next Lee Seung Gi. (OP: LSG >>> John Park  >>> Bae Yong Jun >>> Kim Hyun Joong)
  • Jang Jae In & Kang Seung Yoon & Kang Eun Bi all seem to be heading towards YG Entertainment. (OP: I don't know what kind of fuckery this is ... Is YG trying to come up with a brand new "sound" ... Stick with what works.)

  • Huh Gak on the other hand is currently pondering if he should go with AEntertainment (which houses many idols) or BEntertainment (which houses many real singers). He's trying to decide if he wants to be an "artist" or a just an overall personality/singer (OP: I think they're talking about either Clazziquai's agency or Park Hyo Shin's agency. ... He should be an artist. Being surrounded by idols may be nice now, but that awesomeness only lasts so long...)

  • Kim Geu Rim and Lee Bo Ram look to be signing with one writers on Super Star K, Jo Young Soo, under Neck Star Entertainment (OP: Ahahah it's actually Nextar not Neck Star ... whatever close enough.)
  • Park Bo Ram will be signing on with season 1's winner under Jelly Fish Entertainment. (OP: I thought she would go more mainstream ... Then again if I were her I would want me some Park Hyo Shin and Sung Shi Kyung action too)

  • Kim Ji Soo is currently trying to decide amongst 3 or 4 different agencies. He's currently looking towards CEntertainment and DEntertainment which houses mostly singer song writers. (OP: I really like him and hope to see him soon!!)

  • Andrew Nelson has currently put his singing on hold and will be concentrating on his studies. He has put all meetings with agencies on hold. (OP: I think the article sort of implies he has family issues T_T )

Hello mods! I translate this. The source is the Naver article i linked as my source. Does it not work? :(
Please ignore the other one, it had no title! This one doe :D



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