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A nobody rejects Jung Yup! Probably crying about it now.

Singer Jung Yup, of Browned Eyed Soul, and writer of mega hit, Nothing Better, shared a little story from the past on his MBC radio show, "Blue Nights, This is Jung Yup." This incident came up while he was on the phone(?) with Min Hyo Rin.

On the 29th, Jung Yup spoke about how he had offered a song to Min Hyo Rin in 2007 only to be rejected. "I gave  a song I wrote with my heart and soul titled "Spring Days" to Min Hyro Rin only to be rejected. If she had debuted with that song, I'm positive she would have made it big."

Min Hyo Rin was originally a trainee to become a singer and debuted in 2007 with the song "Stars." She stated, "If I have an opportunity later on, I would definitely like to received a song from Jung Yup." She showcased a short verse from the song.

After the song Min Hyo Rin concluded with, "I want to practice a bit more and show a more polished side of me." Jung Yup then asked Min Hyo Rin to guest on the live corner "Alive." In which Min Hyo Rin stated, "If you invite, I will definitely come and sing."

Translated: FizzJizz (me)
Source: Naver Article

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