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Bet you didn't know Jang Hyuk was on our sunny island 2 weeks ago & that SBS loves us too

Earlier this week, SPE Networks –Asia (SPENA), home to the region’s leading English general entertainment channel, AXN, brought Korean Hallyu star, Jang Hyuk, to the shores of Singapore for a one-day tour to promote Midas, his latest Korean television drama.

SPENA will also be launching its new channel, ONE, in Singapore by the first half of this year. The channel will be a joint collaboration with SBS Contents Hub from South Korea,which means that all your favourite television dramas and variety shows from SBS, will be made available on your local cable television here in Singapore.

SG K-Wave was there at the press conference and channel launch to bring you the exclusive news on this exciting new collaboration between these two media giants, as well as Jang Hyuk’s latest drama, Midas.


You first started acting in 1997, and just last year, you have won the Daesang for your leading role in Chuno. Do you think you have improved as an actor after all these years?
I don’t feel that I have reached the heights of a successful actor. I feel that there is still more room for improvement in my acting.

You seem to have always been taking on roles with a dark side to them, and it has always been a cycle of such character selections in your dramas, even for Midas. Is there a reason for choosing such character roles?
The characters in the movies that I have starred in are usually characters out of the ordinary. I am trying very hard to get back into the normal cycle of characters.

Are there any funny moments on set during the filming of your new drama, Midas?
It has not been long since we have started with the filming of Midas, so currently there has not been much funny moments that happened on set.

What do you think of your successful career as an actor?
Initially, I have always wanted to be a teacher, however, my aspirations changed as I couldn’t pursue my dream as a teacher. Since I had to go to a university, I had to enroll into an acting school / university, and so from then on, my acting career began. I am very happy as an actor. Being an actor means to belong to the other’s lives, so I want to be an actor that belongs to the people’s lives.

With 3D television being really popular in Korea, do you see other artistes like yourself starring in a 3D content?
There are possibilities. As long as the character and storyline is interesting to me, I will take up the opportunity.

Do you prefer taking on characters as “the good guy” or “the bad guy”, and why?
As long as the role in itself is emotional. I am someone who is very calm and collected in real life, but I can be a very passionate person when it comes to my own desires. However, I tend to keep the passion within myself and not show it. I’m not someone who can easily cry in real life, so I would want to take on an emotional role.

What is the most romantic thing that has happened in your life?
My wife, because she met me. There was this period of time where we wanted to get married, but I had difficulties in being able to be responsible for her at that point of time, so I asked her to wait for me. She did, and we got married.

What is your dream as an actor?
My dream as an actor is to act all my life.

Shortly after the group interview, the main event began with radio personality, Sebastian Sim, starting off with a short introduction to the launch for SPENA’s ONE channel, and Jang Hyuk’s Midas promotional tour.

It was then followed by an opening speech from His Excellency Mr Oh Joon, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Singapore.

Mr Oh Joon spoke about the popularity of Korean dramas in Asia, as well as Jang Hyuk’s new drama Midas. He also stated, “Both countries (Singapore and Korea) are looking now to enhance mutual cultural awareness and interactions, creating opportunities for Singaporeans to better understand Korean culture and lifestyle. At the same time, both Singapore and Korea share an interest in emerging as hubs of innovation, creativity and openness.” He continued on, “The ONE project looks to be an excellent news to further Singapore and Korean ties at this important juncture.”

Mr Gong Young Hwa, Chief Executive Officer of SBS Contents Hub also gave his speech, “Through the launching of new channel ONE with SPE Networks, SBS will supply a wide range of content to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The new drama Midas, which will be telecasted onto ONE, is a very special drama for SBS and SPE Networks.” He then added, “I am very confident that ONE will thrive as an excellent channel in Asia”.

CEO of SBS Contents Hub, Mr Gong Young Hwa

Mr Todd Miller, Executive Vice President (Networks, Asia Pacific) of Sony Pictures Television gave the concluding speech.

“Our vision is to provide the finest entertainment to the viewers in Asia, and with ONE, we are now bringing the choices in Asian entertainment to viewers here in Singapore, first and exclusively. With Korean content being the rage across Asia, until now many viewers have had to turn to a number of sources including DVDs and free television to try to get their Korean entertainment fixed. We believe that ONE is the one stop Asian channel that Korean fans have been looking for.

After the concluding speech, we were then brought through the never-before-seen exclusive footages of Jang Hyuk in his upcoming drama Midas, where the most memorable clip was of the actor showcasing his singing skills in his drama, which brought much joy and laughter to the audience.

Jang Hyuk was then brought to the stage for a short Q & A session.

In Midas the TV show, you play Dohyun, a lawyer who gets drawn into the treats of this world, now can you share with us, how do you prepare yourself for this role?
The role that I have in Midas, is different from what I have been doing so far, it is something different from my usual roles as I had to study a lot of politics and law terms which was quite difficult.

What would be your most favourite or memorable part from the filming of Midas so far?
As you have seen through the screen just now, the song that I had sung, I wanted to sing it very well, but I am not a good singer, but everyone else on set thought I was actually acting. They all thought that I was singing it badly on purpose. However, I would like to highlight that it is a very difficult song to sing.

You have lots of fans here in Singapore. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans in Singapore?
I would like to thank all the fans who have greeted me with open arms at the airport, and to all the people here, thank you for your support. When I was in the army, I received a lot of cookies from the fans and I am very grateful for it.

To commemorate his visit to Singapore for his Midas promotions, SPE prepared a special event for Jang Hyuk to present his “Midas” touch.

We would like to thank Sony Pictures Entertainment Networks Asia (SPENA) and Integrated Marketing Solutions Group (IMSG) for making it possible for us here at SG K-Wave to witness this historical milestone taking place in the world of K-Entertainment. We are honoured to have been invited for this exclusive channel launch, and we look forward to witnessing the success of ONE in Singapore and in Asia through the months and years ahead.

About SPE Networks – Asia

SPE Networks – Asia, based in Singapore, was established in 1997 as the Asia headquarters for Sony Pictures Entertainment networks. It operates seven channel brands in the region which are wholly-owned by Sony Pictures. Its portfolio includes five ad-supported 24/7 channels and two movies-on-demand channels.

AXN is the destination channel for action and adventure, high-pact, fast-paced entertainment; AXN BEYOND provides young adult viewers energetic and edgy entertainment that features rebels with attitude, alternate realities, and the wonders of possible futures; ANIMAX is the channel of choice amongst youth and today’s digital natives with its line-up of the best Japanese animation and youth programming; SONY ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION, a female-skewed channel, offers wickedly juicy entertainment surrounding fashion, design, drama and celebrity gossip; and ONE, the gem of Asian general entertainment, focuses on prime Korean content. PIX and PIX Thriller are two on-demand movie channels featuring the best movie blockbusters from Sony Pictures.

Source: SG K-Wave
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