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T-ara reveals their New Year’s wishes and plans

The members of T-ara got together in celebration of the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday.

Despite the fact that they filmed for an ad all day, the girls brightened up when they revealed that this was the first time in a month that all seven members were able to see each other since they wrapped up their album promotions.

The upcoming holiday is especially important to T-ara because they’ve received a week-long break from their schedules. Since they received only a day for last year’s Chuseok, the girls are determined to make it last.

Soyeon stated,“It’s the first time we’ve received such a long break, and it was unexpected so now I’m wondering how to spend it. I’ll be going home no matter what and catch up on my sleep, then spend some time with my family. I want to return to being a regular person and watch movies and drink coffee with my friends.”

Hyomin revealed, “My immediate family is the oldest, and I’m the eldest daughter as well, so we have to make all of the food. My cooking skills? I’m pretty good. During last year’s Chuseok, I went home late at night and was extremely sorry for only sleeping through everything, but I’m going to make sure I play the role of the eldest this time.”

Unfortunately for Eunjung, she had no idea that they had even received a break due to her busy schedule with KBS 2TV’s “Dream High” and only found out on-set today.

The filming schedule is kind of tight so I’m not sure whether I can rest. I want to at least head home for a day and eat rice cake soup with my family. Even if I can’t, I won’t be disappointed. Being loved as an actress is something great in itself.

When asked about New Year’s cash gifts, the members showed a mature side by saying that they’d be giving gifts to their parents, and not the other way around.

Leader Boram replied, “I’m going to be writing a letter to my parents with everything I was too shy to say up front. I’m not good at expressing myself, so I hope my feelings are delivered.”

Hyomin will be preparing another special gift alongside a cash gift. “I bought my parents shoes before and they loved it. They didn’t act like it when I first gave it to them, but it felt good when they came to visit me wearing the shoes. I’m going to be giving them something eye-catching this time.”

T-ara is also preparing for their biggest year since their debut, as the girls are planning to join the Hallyu Wave over in Japan this April.

Jiyeon commented, “It’s something we’ve dreamed of, and we’ve prepared a lot, so we just have to show it all. I want us to be loved as much as we are loved in Korea. I’m confident in that.”

Qri added, “I’m so excited, I can’t even sleep. Sometimes we’ll even stay up all night talking about our Japanese promotions. We’ll be going step by step in order to prevent mistakes. All of our language skills are about in the middle so there shouldn’t be any huge problems.”

Boram continued, “Having rested, I now realize how good it feels to be busy. It felt good coming back earlier after resting for a while after ‘Crazy Because of You.’ Even if it’s difficult, it’s more fun being busy and exciting as well in being able to try new things.”

Asked to choose their final New Year’s wish, Boram chose, “I want a boyfriend that I communicate well with. It’d be nice to have someone I can talk to, but since I have a lot of girl friends, I want a cool boyfriend.”

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