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All About Queen JeA

“WGM” Park Mi Sun - JeA shed tears during Adam Couple’s final episode

Park Mi Sun and JeA (Brown Eyed Girls) cried during MBC “We Got Married” aired on January 15.

MC Park Mi Sun and JeA who watched Jo Kwon and Ga In’s final episode in the studio were sad and cried.

While she was crying she said, “Did they already put the house for sale?” referring to the house Jo Kwon and Ga In lived during their marriage, making everybody laugh.

JeA dried her tears and recalled, “Ga In bragged a lot when she moved from the container box to the house.”

Adam Couple Jo Kwon and Ga In have ended their one year and three months make-believe marriage.

Source: NATE
Translation: suzelle@IAMfor2AM - 2AM International Forum
Shared by: Love Is...@4everlastings


BEG JeA "This year Miryo and my solo activities start"

JeA had an interview with OSEN and said "The first half of the year, after the Brown Eyed Girls 4th album comes out, Miryo and I might do our solo activities in the second half of the year." and "I want to participate as as a cooperating producer, and work hard on the songs".

Also she said "Last year Narsha and Gain did their solo activities well and it feels like they both helped our team. Even with the skills, I'm happy that our fan's expectations rose" and "I wish to show a lot of sides as a cooperating producer. I'm already 30 and I want to make a 'masterpiece' work which I wouldn't regret making and I am expecting myself to make it good". JeA made songs since she was in her 20s and also announced a lot of her self-composed songs.

On the otherhand, Brown Eyed Girls 4th album will be released on the first half of the year, and is still undergoing recording. JeA hinted "I think it will be a singing ability based album.".

Translated by: adam2AMBEGfan@4everlastings


Brown Eyed Girls' JeA Performs Hit Songs Medley

On Super Junior Kiss the Radio, the Appa Band (Nam Changhee, Beige, TRAX Jungmo) assisted Brown Eyed Girls' JeA in performing a selection of Brown Eyed Girls hits. The medley, consisting of How Come, My Style, L.O.V.E. and Sign is simple but powerful backed by guitar, showing JeA's vocal skills and the catchiness of Brown Eyed Girls songs.

annfabreag on youtube

this is random but she really reminds me of Aya Brea from Parasite Eve video game - eternally cool and gorgeous at 30 with some mad skills. the medley is so cute as well.
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