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Jewelry's "Back It Up" choreography gets your blood-circulation going

Jewelry has returned to the stage after a year of hiatus. During the hiatus, Baby J and Eunjung was joined by Semi and Yewon. Together, the four women released "Back It Up", a jazzy style mixed with swing.

They made their comeback last week starting on M! Countdown and followed up with comeback stages on Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo. The comeback performances were well received by the audience.

The musical style of "Back It Up" and its choreography gives it a light feeling dubbed "Jewel Swing." The chorus consists of moves tapping the head and shoulder as if they were trying to get their blood circulation going. Fans have nicknamed this the "blood-circulation dance."

Fans have also expressed that they are surprised at Jewelry's flexibility. Towards the beginning of the performance, Baby J, Yewon, and Semi are seen doing the splits while Eunjung sings her part. "The choreography to 'Back It Up' is too cute" and "it seems hard to sing live and do this choreography" are some of netizens responses.

Jewelry have made a successful comeback as their song "Back It Up" reached #1 on online real-time charts when it was released last week.

The triple splits at 1:11

sources: TV Report, Koreaboo, aceman707 @ YT
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