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SNSD is so relevant that producers want all of them as leads in a drama

Representatives in the industry have been spotlighting a drama which could feature all nine members of SNSD!

According to a few representatives, a drama production company is currently planning a live remake of a popular Japanese manga, and are in the casting stages for famous writers and entertainment agencies.

The drama plans to focus on the personal stories and episodes of nine members and will air in Japan first, before crossing over to Korea. Discussions for arrangements with one broadcast network are currently underway.

Should they agree to the drama, the series will have to reach completion within the first half of the year due to the girls’ pending music promotions.

Unfortunately, it looks like the girls may not be able to rise to the call, as their schedules are already quite packed.

A representative of SM Entertainment revealed to Sports Donga on February 1st, “We have received a few offers about dramas using the nine girls of SNSD as the leads. We are not against the idea of featuring all of them, but we’re currently not in the position to be working on a drama.

He continued, “The members don’t have the time to break away from their schedules for such a long period of time. At this moment, we have no thoughts of featuring them in a drama.

Nate / AKP

At least they recognize how overworked bbs are. ;; Plus the girls don't know enough Japanese to be leads in a j-drama anyway lol. I vote for more cameos on Paradise Ranch.
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