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Dongwan News & More Pictures From Idol Athletics

Dongwan's memolog: Shindong, Eunhyuk, Lee Teuk

"I thought the kids look really tired because they just came back from China yesterday. It's actually because they have been rehearsing for Strong Heart's Teukigayo segment from the moment they got back until 4am and didn't catch any sleep…"

- What Hong Kyungmin-hyung said~

I should really self-reflect on the times back then when I would happily go out to play if the practice studio was being used by H.O.T.

The staff and seniors are all praising the three of them, saying that their sense of wit and satire is really great!

So, we have to give them all our support!

These three juniors can 'rescue' any boring story~!

Of course they are also great singers too…^_^

Kim Dongwan and Lee Hongki revive the 'Avatar Date' segment on MBC's 'Hot Brothers'

Shinhwa's Kim Dongwan and FT Island's Lee Hongki recently became the first stars of the revived 'Avatar Date' segment on MBC's 'Hot Brothers'.

Kim Dongwan-Tony An and Lee Hongki-Lee Kikwang took part in 2 separate blind dates. Competition was stiff between Kim Dongwan and Tony An, the first generation idols. The MCs also issued difficult instructions to the both of then, further livening up the atmosphere.

Kim Dongwan was instructed to perform 'Eusha Eusha' without music accompaniment, show off his muscular physique to impress the lady, and even bursting into tears.

(Other details omitted)

This episode will be broadcast on 30 January.

Dongwan, Hwangbo & Chaeyeon at the Star Idol Athletics Championship
(These had to be posted because there were hardly any pictures of this awesome team in the original post for the event)

Sources: Dongwan's Naver Blong + Newsen
Translations by: 수미 @ AbsolutShinhwa (1 & 2)
Pictures: AbsolutShinhwa (1, 2, 3) + Soompi (1, 2, 3) + Hwangbo Angel (1 & 2)
Tags: eeteuk, eunhyuk, hwang bo, lee chae yeon, shindong, shinhwa, super junior

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