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infinite's lunar new year interview

Male group, Infinite, gave their Lunar New Year’s greetings and revealed their plans for the Lunar New Year’s long weekend.

Infinite said their Lunar New Year’s greetings in a bright voice, “Have a warm holiday everyone. Since we’re going to be on Lunar New Year’s programs, watch the TV with your family and we hope that you can spend a meaningful new year with us. Have a cheerful and warm Lunar New Year’s with your family and receive allowance, new year’s money, and eat a lot of rice cake soup.”

Infinite received a break for 1 night, 2 days on the 2nd and the 3rd. Most of the members plan to spend Lunar New Year’s at their homes and be together with their families that they haven’t seen in awhile. Although it’s a short break, it’s a honey-sweet Lunar New Year’s weekend to Infinite because they haven’t gone to their homes since last Chuseok.

“My hometown is Jeonju. If I can go to Jeonju, I want to sleep off the days that I wasn’t able to sleep, eat Bibimbap [T/N: a dish with rice, various seasoned vegetables, and red pepper paste], and spend time with my family. If I can’t go to Jeonju because of an issue, I plan to go to L’s house.” (Sunggyu)

“I plan to go to my grandmother’s house in Cheonan and perform saebae [T/N: bowing to an elder as a sign of giving good fortune] to my relatives. It’s because I want to get a lot of new year’s money. (Laughter) I’m going to go watch a movie in a long time with my younger relatives too.” (Sungyeol)

“All of my relatives live in Seoul, so we plan to go to the large house [T/N: *in here, it’s used as a house where the oldest elders live in] in Jayang-dong and spend our Lunar New Year’s there.” (L)

“First off, I want to go to my hometown, Gwangju, then go on a trip with just my family. I want to call my friends over late at night and talk about a variety of things all night. There are so many things I want to do.” (Sungjong)

“Because our house is the large house [T/N: *as mentioned before], our relatives are going to come to us. I think I should take some of my things from the dorm and clean them out at home. I want to watch Lunar New Year programs on TV, monitor ones that we came out in, and just stay comfortable like that.” (Dongwoo)

“Busan is my hometown, so I think it will be hard to go. It’s hard to go back and forth in just a night and two days. My grandmother [on mom’s side] and my aunt have houses in Seoul, so I plan to go there. My noona cousin recently gave birth to a son, but I still haven’t seen his face yet. I think I’ll able to finally see my first nephew’s face.” (Hoya)

“I want to go to the large house [T/N: *] in Incheon, see all my relatives, talk about my recent events, and write my signatures too. My hyung cousin recently got married. I still haven’t been able to tell him congratulations in person, so I plan to do that this time and meet his wife too. If the break was 2 days and 3 nights, I wanted to spend Lunar New Year’s together with our fans, eating rice cake soup. But that’s not allowed, right?” (Woohyun)

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates
infiniteupdates, mydaily
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