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Hyun Bin Receives Permission To Attend Berlin Film Festival; Laneige Homme Press Event Fan Photos

Actor Hyun Bin will attend the Berlin Film Festival before he enters the military.

Hyun Bin has recently received permission to depart from Korea on February 15th to the 23rd for the Berlin Film Festival before he enters the marines on March 7th.

According to Hyun Bin’s representatives, they asked the authorities if Hyun Bin for permission to leave for Berlin to attend the film festival. But the answer was uncertain at first because it was only one month before Hyun Bin was to enter his mandatory 2 year service. However, the representatives later stated, “On the 31st, the military officials received the letter of request for Hyun Bin to leave for Berlin. They agreed that it was a just reason and granted him permission to leave.”

Hyun Bin and co-star Im Soo Jung’s movie “I Love You, I Love You Not” has been nominated along with “Late Autumn” featuring Hyun Bin and Chinese actress “Wei Tang”. This will be the first time Hyun Bin steps on the red carpet of Berlin.

The 61st Berlin Film Festival will begin on the 10th of next month and includes a total of 9 Korean movies.

Original Source: Yahoo Korea
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