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Lee Yeon Hee Choses Hyun Bin As Ideal Man Over B2ST's Doojoon and Lee Seung Gi

On February 1st, actress Lee Yeon Hee guested on SBS’s “Strong Heart” and expressed her gratitude for rapper/actor Yoo Dong Geun.

She revealed, “We met by chance, but MBC’s ‘East of Eden‘ made my relationship with him a necessity. I was under a lot of pressure because I was chosen to be the female lead for a drama with over 50 episodes, and I had to go through an acting controversy in the beginning as well. I was really scared at the time, but Yoo Dong Geun supported me by saying that it might be difficult for me, but I must work even harder in order to become acknowledged by the public.”

She continued, “His words became such a great source of strength to me. Afterwards, there was a scene where I became kidnapped and I surprised myself with the level of concentration I had in my role. What was even more surprising was that there were now viewers watching for me. Great results came out of hard work. I’d really like to thank Yoo Dong Geun once more.”

The actress then took part in a game of ‘ideal male star World Cup’ at MC Kang Ho Dong’s suggestion.

She was forced to choose men in three different rounds: Hyun Bin and Song Seung Hun, Kang Dong Won and Moon Hee Jun, and finally Won Bin and Jung Bo Suk. Lee Yeon Hee ended up choosing Hyun Bin, Kang Dong Won, and Jung Bo Suk respectively.

When asked to choose between MC Lee Seung Gi and B2ST’s Yoon Doojoon, she made a request asking them to show off their best charms. The two men immediately went up for an arm-wrestling match, and although Lee Seung Gi lost, Lee Yeon Hee chose him anyway.

To complete her ‘ideal male World Cup’, she chose Hyun Bin out of the final three, much to the disappointment of Lee Seung Gi.

Although her final choice was Hyun Bin, which is interesting in itself, people were more curious as to why she chose Lee Seung Gi over Doojoon.

Although Lee Seung Gi had lost the match, he had done so on purpose in order to show off his ‘variety show skills’. But it wasn’t necessarily Lee Seung Gi’s superior ‘variety show skills’ that knocked out Doojoon from the race.

The actress reasoned, “Doojoon-ssi is younger than I am. I have a younger brother, so men my age don’t feel like men to me.”

Source: AllKpop ,Sports Today Korea, Star News Korea, Max Movie Korea via Nate

Actor Hyun Bin has been the media darling since playing the arrogant, yet hopelessly enamored Kim Joo Won in the mega-hit drama, “Secret Garden“.

Although the drama aired its last episode a few weeks ago, the “Secret Garden” craze has such a foothold in Korea’s popular consciousness, that just last week, the producers aired a special that interviewed castmembers and recapped the best moments.

Now, some resourceful netizens have dug up Hyun Bin’s old audition pictures and people have been commenting “He looks the same”, and “He doesn’t look like a rookie at all“.

What do you think?

Source:Allkpop ,Medescoify@yt
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