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infinite in inkigayo mag (interview + scans)


When I first saw Sunggyu with his sharp-looking eyes, a cold aura came from him. His expressions when he laughs and doesn’t laugh is so different that I even questioned if he was the same person. Sunggyu’s eyes and charisma are told without needing a loud voice or making a commotion. This concept gives off a more mature feel that makes it seem like his charms have become more intense.

"It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve transformed into a real man if you exercise a lot and your body gets better. There are experiences that become stacked up and are told by their overall mood without them needing telling you about it. I put a lot of effort in trying to be like that too."

Sunggyu, who practiced his stare and facial expressions as his priority for this rough, manly concept. His up-front personality, that said he’s naturally becoming a man as he gets older, remains when he loves too.
"I’ve loved before. There was a time where I really liked this person, but I thought it would become hard for them so I let them go. No matter how much I loved them, and how much I would regret it, I knew I had to do it. Because if I didn’t, it would become harder for that person."

It’s different from the title song’s lyrics where they would hold on till the end like a man, and not let go. You can feel Sunggyu’s softness as he thinks of the other person first. And every time he’s tired and he thinks of why he picked this road, he quickly pulls himself together. "I think that if I’m really a man, I need to have a firm dream to take care of my future.".

His sparkling eyes aren’t filled with an excessive self-love, but with sincere confidence. Each person has their own gifted atmosphere/mood. Infinite’s leader, Sunggyu, who seems fierce, but throughly thinks of the other person with his softness. Just where will his charms end.


In an interview, shortly after their debut, Dongwoo stated that his eyes always looked alive as if they’re about to rush on forwards, so he defined himself as ‘wild’. Although his eyes were more intense on stage, Dongwoo, with his constant charms of always being confident and his broad laughter, changed his mental attitude for this album and also participated in the rap making with fellow member, Hoya.

"Our first goal was to make an entire album with our own hands and to share it together with the fans. It’s still a dream that hasn’t changed. I’m proud because I feel like we’re gradually making it come true." Although what’s shown on the outside is important, you can feel his reliability as wanting to be the team’s background and stay together for a long time.

"I would like it if my members succeeded more than me. It’s important that the whole team does well. And I would like to learn things like an instrument and learn composing and lyric writing."

Dongwoo, who dreams of improving while supporting his members. Like his answer, ‘if you’re a true man, you need to be able to understand others’, Dongwoo is like that in real life. He always approaches people with a large heart because he thinks that no matter how immature someone is, if you lead them well, they will be sorry for their faults one day. You can feel Dongwoo’s unique warmth as he considers the other person’s words one by one. And whenever he’s tired and he wants to give up, comforts himself with a mature mind. Something minor but that you can easily lose sight of. He can pull himself back together with one word like ‘rookie’s intention’ [초심: rookie state-of-mind].

"There was a time that we got in a lot of trouble. With the one sentence of ‘were you always like that in the beginning?’ I thought to myself deeply. I should do better before I hear something like this again."

His fierce energy that never droops down to the floor. His unique cheerfulness. And his warm thinking of others. All these things show who Dongwoo is.


Every time you see Woohyun, he’s full of confidence. When you try to talk with him you can see that with his confidence, he can also be relaxed and the more he gets comfortable, the more he’s relaxed. He’s always carefree and never in a rush, so while coming back with this new album, the young and even manlier Woohyun became more thoughtful.

“I think I was quite inexperienced. There were still a lot of things I was lacking, but while preparing for promotions, I made an effort to think about it more.”

As the interview was progressing, we could see it. Will the interviewee, who’s conversing with me, say his inner thoughts or will he just say a merely well wrapped-up answer. We could clearly see in Woohyun’s eyes, how they looked as if they were to share stories and weren’t shaking, that he was going to choose the former.

Moreover, the present, of course, the past, and the future. He considers the time given to him as a really important thing.

“My past events are very precious memories to me. There wasn’t a thing that I didn’t try in order for me to do my best. If our fans could understand how much effort I gave in the past to become Infinite, I would be thankful.”

Woohyun said that he wished his past images, spreading on the internet, would become a hot issue. His images of always being truthful to himself with no embellishments. He tells us beforehand that hearing Woohyun say that he has his own special charm, could be misunderstood by a common person and they can be thinking that he’s trying to show off. This is Woohyun’s charm. However. If you only see it once, it could be easy to pass it by. You have to face him many times to entirely feel his charm, so keep that in mind.


He said that a true man shouldn’t know about giving up. Whenever he gets caught in a inferiority complex, which is compared to himself now, he wants to give up but then he remembers about his past self. When he sees how he grew up since that period, Hoya quickly pulls himself together. As much as I felt that he was the member with the largest change from the previous concept, after seeing him in a long time, he seemed to be cold.

“Truthfully, I’m closer to this quiet personality. But when we were about to have our debut, I heard it was hard to be an idol group with this kind of personality. So I made an effort to always laugh, talk a lot and look brighter.”

After hearing his answer, we only understood it once we thought of how he probably tried his best during that time. No matter what Hoya’s original inclination was, the essentials aren’t important. Because his efforts to make the best results for a concept is before everything else to him. That’s why Hoya participated in creating the album’s rap and the choreography, and his new attempt is worthy of attention. This was showing what an infinite development’s possibilities would be. When thinking of a man, the things that came to Hoya’s mind were strength, eyes, and charisma. It seems like he has those things and because he seems more fierce than anyone else, Hoya is a true man.


As he lost weight, Sungyeol’s image of an ‘elementary schooler’ turned into a ‘cold, city male’. The feeling was quite different from the last interview, making it feel unfamiliar. However, there’s still Sungyeol’s own flow left in his voice. It may have been because he stayed up all night practicing for a variety program the next day, but he seemed to look gauntly.

He said he learned about naturalness while preparing for promotions. “When we debuted, I didn’t know how to look at the camera, I didn’t know anything. That’s why I imagined it a lot while preparing this time. When I went on stage after imagining what direction they would be recording me from, I was able to do the actual thing well. And I can speak naturally for interviews now.”

Of course, there were difficult parts in absorbing this a concept that’s the complete opposite of last time. Sungyeol had it hard to practice never smiling in real life and having to live with a weight on him.

“I did receive stress, but I think I was influenced a lot by it.” His determination was different from others, enough to say that he risked everything on this album. Also, Sungyeol, who says that a true man needs to be hurt once, said that although he’s young, he has been hurt from love like their title song’s lyrics. Because of that hurtful memory, he plans to love but create a distance and not leave any lingering feelings. Although no one can judge what type of love is correct, these are things that he learned through an early experience. Sungyeol, who we could feel deep thoughts from as much as his deep eyes, is constantly developing with no end.


L is one of the people who you just can’t tell what they’re thinking, no matter how much you stare at them. In his eyes, that keep hold of this mysterious charm, there’s an even balance of greed and playfulness mixed together. Because of this, there’s a somewhat undefinable aura emitting from him. With this unique flow, L grew together with his members.

“If we didn’t know anything and were lead at first, we decided to go do it ourselves this time around because we’ve already done this before. We prepare earlier nowadays and become able to do things that I’m sure we couldn’t have done before.”

From a boy to a man. L, who has become more mature than the last time, is not being swung around and is going firmly towards his road. He says that he’s interested in guitars and is practicing his best right now. He has a dream of singing a song while playing the guitar in the future. Were his eyes serious looking because of his goal to not just be carried away with one genre, but to play various genres? L picked the Latin phrase, ‘carpe diem’, which means to seize the day, as his motto. We will always support and look forward to that heated passion.


If you had a maknae this cute, you would think that you wouldn’t have any more wishes – was the thought during the last interview, but Sungjong has changed much since then. With just the change of his hair color, he went from a cute image to a mysterious one, going in a different direction.

“Until now, I’ve only had dark tones, but I’ve undergone a shocking change this time around. It’s not the same as before, but I really like it.

Sungjong was clearly full of bright energy as ever, but seeing that he spoke each word with purpose, it looked like he had ‘evolved’ as well. If you’re a real man, authority and charisma are a matter of course, but you must have a warm heart, says Sungjong.

“Rather than having a warm pretense but a cold heart, a person with a cold appearance but a warm heart is a true man. Don’t you think a mature person who has a sense of responsibility and accounts for his actions is also a real man?”

Hearing such a response from Sungjong, who we felt would be forever young and cute, surprised us. But that wasn’t all, Sungjong hinted at his passion and joy at the possibilities of becoming even busier as time goes on.

“An opportunity only comes once; think of it as the last chance. Don’t give up even if it’s difficult and it’s important to live accountably. If you stand on stage and give it all you’ve got, like it’s the last time, you will have no regrets.”

We felt his maturity when he flashed his unique and refreshing smile, following these words. Age doesn’t matter when the heart is set.

scans via murisu
trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits sg dw wh hy sy l sj
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  • This Sunday on Inkigayo !

    Who performed what: SHINee - " Atlantis " • Whee In - " water color " • Kang Daniel - " Antidote "…

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