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KARA ROAST: First appearance together as 5 & Nylon Japan Feb. 2011 HQ scans & #4 Oricon Top10 Weekly

KARA have resumed their Japanese activities once again with all five members. We reported yesterday that the girls were at a Seoul studio for a Japanese jacket cover shoot. Today they are heading out to Japan to continue their activities.

They departed to Japan from Gimpo International Airport on February 3rd. The jacket photo shoot was suppose to be a secret but was eventually leaked. However, this departure to Japan is the first official act from KARA that they are continuing activities.

The KARA girls appeared at the airport with comfortable clothes and a bright appearance on. Despite it being the Lunar New Year, reporters gathered at the airport to catch the girls. KARA's Gyuri said to reporters, "We care a lot about fans, we're sorry to have worried you. We'll work hard on our activities. Please give us a lot of support." The members' relationship between one another seemed good during their departure as they gave big smiles and reassured looks to reporters and fans present.

KARA are heading to Japan to resume filming for their Japanese drama "Urakara." The shooting for the drama was originally supposed to be in January, however due to obvious circumstances, this was set back. Another episode of "Urakara" will air on February 4th.

The conflict between the three KARA members and DSP Media is not completely over yet, unfortunately. However, an agreement to resume Japanese and Korean activities was agreed upon. Hopefully, the whole situation will be resolved soon.

Newsen, TV Report (1) and Star News (1)
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"Girls Talk" album back in Oricon's Top 10 weekly charts \o/


Nylon Japan Feb. 2011 HQ scans \o/


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