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Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha is the ‘Marilyn Monroe of Korea’

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KBS’s “Idol Health Beauty Contest” has named Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha to be ‘Korea’s Marilyn Monroe‘ due to her perfectly proportional body.

Professionals who were brought in for the show immediately complimented her beautiful figure, and claimed that she had the same proportions as Marilyn Monroe. Narsha found it hard to believe, but gave a quick ‘S-line’ pose for laughs anyway.

The experts reasoned that Monroe’s measurements for her waist and hips were of a 0.70 ratio. Producers revealed, “The ratio for Narsha’s waist and hip measurements came out to 0.710, making her the closest contestant to Monroe’s figure.”

Narsha was followed by SISTAR’s Bora for second place, and KBS’s anchorwoman, Park Eun Young, in third.

Unfortunately for the idol, she later ranked at 14th place in a poll which ranked the muscle mass of each contestant. She commented, “I admit that I don’t have a lot of muscle. The only muscles I really have are in my arms.”

Director Hwang Se-Il of Cheongdamdong Pose Clinic stated, “Narsha’s proportions are the fruits of her self-management. A body like hers just isn’t made overnight. It’s made out of habitual eating habits, exercise, and physical check-ups.”

Source: AKP
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