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Elderly Mountain Man moves and contacts Sunye

Back in September, many fans were impressed with the good deed by Wonder Girls member Sunye. After completing her overseas promotions back in September, Sunye returned to Korea and randomly came across a feature about a man living inside a mud hut in the mountains on SBS’s How In the World.

The program featured a 77 year old man named Lee Eunsu. Having grown up as an orphan, he became victim to many cases of fraud and eventually left for the mountains three years ago, opting to live in a mud hut away from human contact.

Sunye immediately inquired with the show’s PD and was finally able to visit the man through the help of the producers. Upon visiting the man, Sunye prepared clothes, shoes, radio, food and many other much needed items for the man. Despite the relative stench coming from the man, Sunye paid no attention and held his hands asking him to live a long and healthy life. Despite Sunye requesting this act not be reported, news got out and recently, the show revisited the man. Upon revisiting Lee Eunsu, he expressed his gratitude to Sunye and was thankful for her act of kindness.

Recently, the show revisited the elderly man and it was revealed that he moved into a warm homeless shelter. In addition, the producers put him in phone contact with Sunye who was in America at the time of the call.

Good to see the elderly man doing well and looking quite stylish with a Burberry scarf, check out the segment above.

Tags: charity, wonder girls

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