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Broadway is clearly (hopefully) an option for his future...

(TRANS) 110203 Kim Junsu Sheds Tears After His First Performance Of ‘Tears Of Heaven’

World renowned musical giant Frank Wildhorn says, “I want to make him the lead role of ‘Jekyl and Hyde’.”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu shed emotional tears when a global giant praised him on his performance for ‘Tears of Heaven’.

According to Core Contents Media and Seol Company, world renowned musical giant Frank Wildhorn, who is most famous for the musical ‘Jekyl and Hyde’, watched the first performance of ‘Tears of HEaven’ on the 1st and stated, “Kim Junsu showcased great acting skills. If I ever get the opportunity, I’d like to offer him the lead role in ‘Jekyl and Hyde’ on Broadway.“

Hearing such praise from Frank Wildhorn, Kim Junsu shed tears as he said, “I wanted to show everyone a great performance,” and showed his gratitude by embracing the musical giant.

The first performance ended in success with all 1,500 seats selling out.


Source: [star news+DNBN]
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