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5dolls to debut after the Lunar New Year holiday

Co-Ed’s first sub-unit, 5dolls, is busy preparing for their upcoming debut, but they took the time out of their schedule to greet everyone for the Lunar New Year wearing hanboks.

With the addition of maknae Seo Eun Gyo, the girls claimed that they were ready to grab 2011 by the horns.

When asked how it felt to be promoting with only girls, Soomi replied, “It’s a lot easier to change clothes and we sync better as well. When we’re around male members, we try to keep up a certain image and try to look our best.”

Unlike Co-Ed’s rather powerful image, 5dolls will be expressing a cuter and more feminine charm with a ‘public friendly’ song that anyone can follow along.

Chanmi revealed, “Our performances this time will be a lot more comfortable and fun. Since it’s a stage made up entirely of just girls, the overall color of the group has become a lot brighter. Are you ready to be surprised at our new image?

After the Lunar New Year holiday, 5dolls will be releasing their debut track by Brave Brothers, “Lip Mark.” The song is a cute pop dance track that features a synth sound with a strong and addictive beat.

Hyewon concluded, “Now that all of the girls have come together, we feel a lot stronger. Most important of all, we’ll truly be enjoying the stage with a happy heart. A #1 win on a music program? Of course we want that!

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