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Ninja Assassin and Raptor's Girl for "Living in Heaven"

Earlier, we reported that singer/actor Rain signed on to play the male lead role for the upcoming blockbuster movie, “Living in Heaven“. Actress Shin Se Kyung was also billed as his co-star, but back then, reports could only guess on her confirmation.

The media is now reporting that the actress has indeed signed on for the project, and she’ll be playing Rain’s love interest. The two have finalized their contracts, and filming will soon begin in earnest.

Directed by Kim Dong Won and produced by CJ Entertainment, ’Living in Heaven’ is a remake of ‘The Red Scarf‘ (1964). For this melodramatic film, Rain will tackle the role of ‘Taewoon‘, a fighter pilot, and Shin Se Kyung will play as ‘Seyoung‘, a mechanic.

Sources: AKP, Yahoo!Korea

:O she has no tag? Not even dream crusher or homewrecker or that one hot chick?
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