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Heechul explains the process behind his career decisions

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Super Junior’s Kim Heechul has been leading a busy career ever since his debut in 2005. Super Junior is on their third Asian tour, and he’s a fixed cast member of MBC’s “Radio Star“, MBC’s “Night of Shining Memories“, and SBS’s “Young Street.”

His four dimensional personality and self-named ‘Big Space Star’ image is obviously working with the public, but that doesn’t mean his career was based on spur-of-the-moment decisions.

In an interview with Star News, Heechul explained that the latter half of 2010 gave him a chance to reflect on his future.

He stated, “At the time, I wondered whether I should focus on my individual activities outside of Super Junior, or accelerate into the variety genre. I had a chance last year to visit L.A. during an SM Town concert, and I was able to walk around freely while thinking about these concerns. In the end, I became determined to not worry about anything and to just focus on becoming a better MC.

When asked about his candid manner of speech, he replied, “I try to show a more honest and free sense of myself during broadcasts, but I do realize that this means I must be even more respectful and upright outside of my broadcast activities.”

He continued, “If a character like me didn’t have respect as a foundation, it’s easy for me to be hated. Think about it. If I were to commit something that would raise public concern, wouldn’t I look really cocky? But of course, please note that my courteousness comes from my genuineness as well (laughter).”

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