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Viewers are annoyed at an idol-filled Lunar New Year

This Lunar New Year, many viewers were disappointed because all the Lunar New Year specials seemed to be taken over by Idols. There was "Idol Health and Beauty Contest," "Idol Brain Battle," "Idol Olympics," "Idol Star 7080 Singer King," "King of Idols," "Star Dance Battle" and "Star Couple Battle."

Not only so, but shows such as "Idol Health and Beauty Contest" and "Idol Olympics - Swimming Contest" were criticized because it focused on their bodies. On most of the programs, many idols that were all mostly in their early 20s wore revealing clothes and did suggestive dances, making viewers turn the channel in shock.

As the Lunar New Year is a family holiday, many viewers expressed their annoyance on how the TV shows were all generated toward a younger audience. As a result the specials suffered in ratings - the largest ratings were for King of Idols, with 10.8%.

Many viewers pointed out that idols never meant high ratings - in fact, it usually meant the opposite. A prime example is MBC's We Got Married, which suffered a drop in ratings as soon as Season 1 with couples such as Andy and Solbi, Shinae and Alex, and Crown J and Seo Inyoung left and were replaced with idols. We Got Married suffered such low ratings that it had to be moved to a Saturday spot. However, this did not help, as ratings for the show kept decreasing. Even on Sundays, shows that feature idols such as Hot Brothers, Enjoy Today, Heroes and Running Man do a lot worse than shows that do not, such as 1 Night 2 Days and Qualifying Men.

Idols cast in dramas have also rarely turned out for the good - prime examples are SS501's Hyunjoong's Playful Kiss, or TVXQ's Yunho's Heading to the Ground. So why do you think program directors keep casting idols?

Source: Munhwa, Star News, Koreaboo

Idk but I personally really enjoyed "King of Idols" - reminded me a lot of the older 2006-to-2007ish K-variety shows like X-Man.
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