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KARA behind the scenes on URAKARA set

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Following news of their return back to Japan as five members on February 3rd, Tokyo TV’s live broadcast of ‘7 Star Bratch’ revealed behind-the-scenes footage of the KARA members happily filming for their show, “URAKARA.”

The program stated, “The KARA members arrived happily together as five at the Tokyo Haneda Airport yesterday (February 3rd),” and showed footage of the members walking out of the airport while being surrounded by the warm support of their fans. The whole studio panel applauded upon watching the footage and warmly welcomed the members with, “Welcome back.”

The show’s reporter added, “They have started the filming of “URAKARA” today. The members looked tired and sleepy, but they still continued on with the same bright and friendly image.”

KARA on URAKARA set today

Japan stalks KARA on the plane, in the airport, and on set.

URAKARA message and making of clip

Source: Allkpop, marchonsvite5, bangkok1418, soknightwo

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