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Hyun Bin: "I know very well that popularity is not something that lasts forever."

Popular actor Hyunbin, who received lots of attention for his recent performance in "Secret Garden," appeared on tvN's "Live Talk Show Taxi - Secret of Hyunbin." On the show, he said, "I know very well that popularity is not something that lasts forever."

Hyunbin shot to superstardom with his portrayal of restaurateur Hyun Jinhun in MBC's 2005 drama "My Name is Kim Samsoon." Hyunbin won the "Best Couple Award" with Kim Sunah, his female co-actor. At the Baeksang Arts Awards, Hyunbin won the "Popularity Award" as well.

Hyunbin recalled, "Just as you increase the size of your house over time, my seniors were worried for me due to the popularity I was receiving. I gained lots of popularity in a short time, was loved by many people and became financially prosperous, but it was just that moment in time."

Hyunbin stated, "This time is the same as last time (Samsoon). The popularity you get with a drama or movie disappears the next morning. But, I like to enjoy the popularity while it lasts." and, "It may be unfitting for the lead actor to say in an interview, 'I don't care about the ratings.' I'm sorry to the producers, but this is my view."

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This reminds me of something Tiffany said once too. /stan lol/
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