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Everyone's favorite fish lady, Park Yejin gets cast in a movie

Music-industry-centric movie Happy Together had originally cast Park Shi-yeon (Coffee House) in the lead role opposite Ji Hyun-woo, but Park has been forced to withdraw at the last minute due to her health, leaving just over a month before the film is to begin shooting.

According to her management, Park had previously received surgery on her back, which is acting up again, making it difficult for her to film. (Aftereffects of her surgery are also the reason she’d left variety show Family Outing a year ago.)

Instead, My Princess’s resident sourface bitchypants, Park Ye-jin, has been tapped to take over the role of a thirtysomething producer who wants to groom the twentysomething lead (Ji Hyun-woo) into an idol star. She joins rather late in the game and will be busy jumping from one project right into another, beginning shoots on Happy Together right after the currently airing My Princess wraps.

(this is just javabeans little 2 cents btw)
I kid about Park Ye-jin in My Princess, since it’s really her character I love to hate; Yoon-ju’s irritating and un-endearing, but in a way that makes it fun to watch (and plan her hypothetical demise). Not that I love Park Ye-jin’s rather listless portrayal, although you could argue that she’s doing her best to turn us against Yoon-ju. (I’m not really buyin’ that, since the best villains are the ones you relish.) But when compared to Park Shi-yeon — whom I never really cared for until she turned spunky and vivacious in Coffee House — I admit I’m a lot less interested. Plus, I fear she’ll come off more like Ji Hyun-woo’s mother than his producer/noona/dare-I-suspect-love-interest?

Kim Su-ro (God of Study) and ex-2PM member Park Jae-bum also star in Happy Together, which begins principal photography in March.

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