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miss A’s Suzy supports fellow classmate on “Star Audition”

miss A’s Suzy recently gave her support for a classmate friend currently competing in MBC’s “Star Audition: Birth of a Great Star,” by airing a video message of encouragement.

On the February 4th episode of the audition show, Suzy made a surprise appearance on the set by stating, “My friend is auditioning for the show. He was the best of our school, and he sang the best out of all of us with his nickname of ‘bowl hair cut.’ Hwang Ji Hwan, show off 100% of your skills and please get first place. Then you have to perform on ‘Music Core‘ too!”

Her support paid off, as Hwang Ji Hwan managed to move on to the second round of auditions with his ballad version of the Wonder Girls‘ “Nobody“. Shin Seung Hoon praised him, “It’s so weird how I keep getting pulled in by him. He’s so young, but he knows how to follow the rhythm well.”

Kim Yoona and Kim Tae Won also complimented him, “I got goose bumps the minute you started singing. You were nervous a bit in the beginning, but you started enjoying the song towards the end. Watching you grow like that makes me proud.”

this kpop princess thanks you for your time.

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