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This is a WGM Post

The Yongseo couple got a massage together on the February 5th edition of “We Got Married.”

While Yonghwa and Seohyun went to the hospital as Yonghwa was complaining of a stomach ache, he went through various tests and received a checkup. After this they decided to get a spa treatment and they later received a massage. During the massage segment, they linked their pinkies together due to the painful nature of the massage.

The couple went to a get a massage to enjoy their time together and to relax from their hectic schedules but because Yonghwa felt uncomfortable from the unusually painful massage, Seohyun held his pinkie for him. The painful nature of the massage made skinship happen between the two! This made everyone quite excited, especially the fans and the viewers.

When the massage got too painful, the couple raised their hands. Seohyun later commented, “It was painful enough to twist my stomach, but I held the pain in for my health“. Yonghwa responded, “It was the best date ever!”

On a recent episode of MBC’s “We got Married“, the various 2PM members were invited to Nichkhun and Victoria’s love nest.

When Nichkhun told Victoria that he was inviting the members over, she asked happily, “Is our Chansung coming?” It’s well known that Victoria favors Chansung as she revealed on their first meeting that she was a fan of Chansung. Nichkhun, on the first episode jokingly stated, “Then Chansung can’t come on We Got Married. He probably won’t ever come on,” showing his playful jealousy.

During 2PM’s visit, and when Chansung met Victoria, Nichkhun asked Victoria, “Do you like it?” starting his innocent jealousy. While the 2PM boys were later making dumplings, Victoria complimented Chansung on his dumpling making skills which further enraged Nichkhun. Nichkhun told him, “You be quiet and stay still!” Later, as Chansung went to wash his hands, Nichkhun pulled Chansung closer to him so that he wouldn’t be near Victoria.

In the interview corner, Nichkhun revealed, “Truthfully I trust Victoria but it’s something I can’t stay calm about.”

Sources: akp 1 & 2, Nate 1 & 2, Newsen 1 & 2
Tags: 2pm, c.n blue, f(x), nichkhun, seohyun, tv shows

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