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The Truth is Revealed; Rainbow's Pool Dance Wanted by No One

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Idol group Rainbow’s synchronized swimming performance is on the chopping blocks again, this time for being too sexual.

On MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships”, Rainbow revealed their amazing synchronized swimming performance to their song “A”. It was reported that the members trained for 4 months with a professional just for this performance.

The performance is now being criticized for being overly sexual, as the camera angles inappropriately captured the Rainbow members’ body parts, such as their butts.

Viewers commented, “There were moments of the performance that I just couldn’t watch”, “I didn’t feel comfortable watching the parts where they showed off their butts”, “I can’t believe it was a special performance. It was just too much“, showing off much of their discomfort at viewing the ’sexual’ performance.

The program was already a hot topic even before it was filmed. Viewers were concerned about the idols wearing revealing bathing suits arguing, “I feel uncomfortable at the idea that young girls have to reveal their bodies“. To counter this criticism, the production team decided on a closed filming, but the idea of the championships being too sexual has not been avoided.

Tags: censorship, drag, rainbow, scandals

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